Ontario farmers are innovative and progressive. They are always trying new crops, pushing the boundaries and developing value added products. Many have decided to open their farm gates and invite the public onto their property. Visiting a farm is unique way to get out of the city, slow down, learn where your food comes from and enjoy some fresh air. During this sesquicentennial year, there are more than 150 things you can do on Ontario farms all year round but here are 10 things that may surprise you.

  1. Walk through acres of pumpkins to find the perfect one for your front door.
  2. Let the smell from a lavender field envelop you and calm you. Pick up a lavender sachet to take some of the fragrance home with you.
  3. Try some hard cider. Apples have been gown in Ontario for centuries but we are just starting to appreciate all the products that can be made from them including hard cider.
  4. Farm fresh eggs can be purchased directly from the farmer and you may even be able to feed the chickens.
  5. Watch the bees make honey. Many honey farmers have observational hives you can actually see what the bees are doing.
  6. Go for a wagon ride to pick some strawberries or find a Christmas tree.
  7. Get lost in a corn maze. If you like puzzles or you just want to leave your worries behind, try the challenge of getting through a maze.
  8. Learn about cheese. Dairy farmers are now making cheese right on the farm.
  9. Watch the sap flow from a maple tree and taste maple syrup right from the evaporator.
  10. Treat yourself to a farm pie. On‐farm bakeries offer some of the best tasting treats from butter tarts to woodfire oven pizzas to fresh fruit pies.