There are a lot of claims being thrown around in the meat industry: all natural, no antibiotics, humanely raised. But very few companies back up their claims with third-party verification.

Canadian leader in humanely raised pork, duBreton®, is encouraging Canadians to make sure they’re buying what they think they are when it comes to ethically-raised pork.

The term “humanely raised” can mean different things to different companies. DuBreton® is the only pork producer in Canada to qualify as Certified Humane®.

“Making marketing claims without any verification causes confusion and dilutes the efforts of companies who are taking the necessary steps to verify their claims as truthful,” says Adele Douglass, founding executive director of Humane Farm Animal Care.

DuBreton® holds numerous certifications for its natural and organic pork. The Certified Humane Raised and Handled® standards protect animals from birth to farm life to processing, and dictate both the animal’s diet and living conditions. “Certified Humane® treatment demands the animals are given a nutritious diet without antibiotics or animal by-products,” adds Vincent Breton, third-generation farmer and President of duBreton®. “The animals must also be raised in a crate-free environment with free access to shelter, hay, or straw-bedded resting areas, sufficient space, and the ability to engage in natural behaviours. The guidelines simply allow pigs to be pigs.

To date, duBreton® is the only major pork producer in Canada that meets the rigorous standards.”