“It’s the taste,” says Donna Denison. “It’s got a big and full-body flavour.”

You’d think that Denison is describing a nice wine. Instead, she’s talking about her salad dressings made with organic ingredients. Denison’s company, Little Creek Dressing, has been making small-batch dressings for over 20 years, which pair nicely with the organic salad greens her husband grows on their farm overlooking Okanagan Lake.

With no additives and high-quality organic ingredients, she adds that there is no comparison to the mass-produced dressings you’ll find lining the shelves at the supermarket. “It’s a healthy product that is made in BC,” she says. “People tell us they now eat salads because of the homemade taste of the dressing.”

Denison used to make homemade dressings for her family, but it was when she wanted to work and spend time with her twin daughters that she decided to pour herself into the dressing business. What started as an idea in Denison’s kitchen has now grown into a company with a million dollars in annual sales, and is contributing to the broader economy, through the ingredients, production, and transportation.

Little Creek Dressings come in five flavours, two of which are wheat free, and can be found in more than 350 stores across western Canada. Denison says they can be enjoyed on more than just salads. The dressings can be used on a variety of dishes, including as marinades, pastas, or as a vegetable dip.

“I always had this vision of being a philanthropist,” says Denison. “My way of being one is helping people eat healthier.”