A world-class city deserves a world-class distillery. That was the vision behind Spirit of York Distillery Co., Toronto’s latest destination for craft spirits. Housed in the historic Gooderham & Worts building in the city’s Distillery District, Spirit of York uses local ingredients and state of the art equipment to produce small-batch vodka and gin.

The micro-distillery opened its doors to the public last May with the help of 35 shareholders and a team of 65 dedicated designers, suppliers, and tradespeople.
“We brought together people that recognized the need for a premium distillery in Toronto — people who were passionate about creating a great product with a great story,” says Gerry Guitor, CEO of Spirit of York. “Something that Toronto would be proud to call its own.”

Ontario products with an Ontario story

The vodka and gin at Spirit of York are made entirely from local ingredients. The rye grain is from Southern Ontario and the water is sourced from Springwater, ON, which boasts the purest water in the world.

Guests can take a self-guided tour to learn more about each ingredient and view the distilling process from behind a glass wall. “Canadians are becoming more curious about where their products come from and how they’re made,” says Guitor. “We wanted to be able to share our grain-to-glass story.”

While the ingredients are local, the stills are custom-made by fifth-generation copper workers in Germany. The high-quality equipment makes it possible to distill the vodka just once (multiple distillations strip it of flavour), with only the purest heart of the liquid being bottled, resulting in a smooth and flavourful spirit.

“We have access to high-quality ingredients and incredible talent,” he says. “Combining that with tried and true methods of distilling, there’s no reason why Toronto can’t produce world-class gin and vodka.”

Keeping spirits high

The name Spirit of York was chosen to reflect the company’s dedication to celebrate Toronto and its work with several local communities. Ten percent of the distillery’s profits are used to support various groups in the GTA through sponsorships and donations, and by helping to highlight their contributions to the community. “If we’re asking the people of Toronto to support us, we’re going to support them in return,” says Guitor.

To learn more about the grain-to-glass process and taste local premium spirits, visit Spirit of York Distillery Co., located at 12 Trinity St.