BBQ Crawl host, Diva Q shares her advice for a successful barbeque season.

Mediaplanet: As a woman and mother of three, you’re unlike any barbeque expert. Who inspired you to become a barbeque connoisseur?

Diva Q: I would have to say that the Pitmasters featured in the show all over North America inspired me to be a barbeque connoisseur. I have such a deep and profound respect for their craft and their talent. It takes a very special type of person to produce barbeque on a daily basis. It is not fast food. From the pits to the plate, it takes an incredible effort and so much time.

“Barbeques are a natural placement for communal eating."

MP: We all know about charcoal grills, but there’s a new grill in town — wood pellet grills. What is it about wood pellet grilling that makes for such a great flavour?

Photo: Jakob Montraslo

DQ: Wood pellet grills have emerged to become a hot commodity on the barbeque market. The small pellets do a great job of replicating, to the best of their ability, large-scale wood fired pits. The pellets are compressed wood, and that’s what makes them special. Not everyone can place a large offset in their backyard fed by wood. Pellet grills fit that niche.

MP: Why do you think barbeques are such a great way to get people together?

DQ: I think barbeques are a natural placement for communal eating. Rarely would a person make a 25lb pork shoulder or 15lb beef brisket just for themselves.  It brings people together naturally. Everyone remembers barbequeing in their backyard or at their local church. They have always propelled people to come together to socialize and partake in the grilled goodness.

Grilling Guide

  • Learn to make a 2-zone fire: one side of your grill is used for direct grilling, and another for indirect. It makes anything possible on the grill!
  • Put barbeque sauce on meats only in the last few minutes before removing from the grill — any earlier and it could burn.
  • A clean grill is a happy grill. Make sure your grates are clean before every cook.
  • Use a digital thermometer and learn to cook by temperature, not time.
  •  Give your meats a rest after every barbeque. It will help redistribute the juices and make everything much more moist.