Mediaplanet: What makes you passionate about the local food movement?
Chef David Hawksworth: Living here in Vancouver I’m very lucky to be close to the ocean. There is a bounty of local, fresh seafood at our fingertips. Some of my favourites are crab, lingcod and oysters. The restaurant works closely with Steve Johansen of Organic Ocean for our seafood; they are a west coast organization that practice ocean-friendly, sustainable, and responsible harvesting practices whilst providing some of the finest products.

“We choose to use local ingredients at the restaurant because the quality and taste is superior”

MP: What are your favourite farmers market finds?
DH: Some of my favourite finds are the fresh eggs, colourful squashes and ripe tomatoes that you can tell have been picked that day.

MP: How has B.C.’s rich food culture inspired your dishes?
DH: I have travelled all over the world and love meeting local farmers and chefs to learn about different food cultures. One thing that cannot compare to anywhere else is B.C.’s proximity to the ocean, which inspires so many of my dishes.

MP: Why have you chosen to cook with local ingredients?
DH: We choose to use local ingredients at the restaurant because the quality and taste is superior and we know where it’s from.

MP: Any favourite destinations for culinary travel in B.C.’s agricultural regions?
DH: One of my favourite summer pastimes is catching wild fish and I’m happy fishing anywhere along the B.C.  coastline.

MP: What is unique about the west coast in terms of culinary fusions?
DH: Vancouver is a diverse city which has Asian influence in terms of taste, tradition and technique. The hamachi sashimi dish on our menu is a wonderful reflection of that.

MP: Any tips to those that wish to incorporate locally grown ingredients in their everyday meals?
DH: I encourage people to frequent farmers markets and get to know the local producers. One easy way to incorporate a local ingredient is by cooking fresh BC eggs for one hour at 64 degrees C - it will be the softest and best egg you’ve ever tasted.