Jack and Debbie Froese, the founders of JD Farms Specialty Turkey, have always been ahead of the consumer curve when it comes to poultry. According to their daughter, Marilyn Morgan, Vice-President at JD Farms, “My parents started to raise specialty turkeys at a time when no one else was.”

Two types of specialty turkeys are raised: the JD Farms Specialty and the JD Farms Heirloom Bronze. These two birds taste richer than regular turkeys, and are raised on an all-natural vegetable grain diet, without antibiotics or animal by-products. The Heirloom Bronze is also given a GMO-free diet. “We have all of our feed custom made for us.”

This Langley-based family business ensures that their turkeys meet a stringent certification process that lays out the nutritional requirements for the birds and addresses their living conditions. “Our turkeys are specialty-certified by an independent auditor, and we are one of the first turkey farms in Canada to be certified in the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) program,” commented Marilyn. “We now have five other local farms supply us with turkeys so that we can meet customer demand, and they must also be GAP and specialty-certified.”

The specialty turkeys address customer concerns about what is put in their food. “From a health perspective, people are apprehensive about antibiotics and genetically modified organisms in their products, and our turkeys are a great option for them,” stated Marilyn. “Plus, they just taste better!”

JD Farms recently added pet food to their product line, producing high quality raw dog and cat food, and freeze-dried treats for cats and dogs. You can find it in their on-farm store and in local pet specialty stores.

To find JD Farms’ turkeys, visit the store and bistro at the family farm, or one of 250 stores in BC, including Whole Foods, Choices Markets, specialty butcher shops, and local grocery stores.