We were wondering too, so we caught up with a local organic egg farmer, Marte Pronk, to help us get the dirt on the organics craze.

Mediaplanet Some Canadians are confused about what organic food really is. What is your definition of it?

Marte Pronk: Organic food is that which has been grown without the use of commercial fertilizers and pesticides, does not contain GMOs, and also allows the animals to express more natural instincts in a holistic environment.

MP How long have you been an organic egg farmer?

MP: I have been an organic egg farmer for about 17 years. A fellow organic egg farmer went to the egg marketing board and asked to start up some more organic egg producers. I am one of those egg producers. We chose to be organic because the practices make sense. It’s sustainable, environmentally sound, and it provides nutritious food to our consumers.

MP How has the organic food industry changed in the past five years?

MP:The term organic is becoming more acceptable. More people are becoming aware of what they are eating and more farmers are looking into organic rather than conventional farming. There is more pressure from retailers and consumer for farmers to be humane, ethical, and organic.

MP What’s the biggest myth about organic food?

MP: The biggest myth is that us organic farmers are "hippies" or that we are trying to charge too much by claiming something that is false. The organic standards are regulated, and farmers who are certified organic must meet those standards. And the reality is, it costs more to produce organic food.

MP What is the first step we should take to incorporate more organic food into our diet?

MP: The consumer should start researching into sources of organic food and find the farmers or companies that sell and support this way of farming. Ask questions and don't take anything for granted. I believe healthy, nutritious food is an important part of solving many of the health problems that face society, so I encourage folks to think about what they are eating and choose organic if they can!