hether it's a local farmers' market, historically rooted market centre, or richly cultural European-style market — food markets have a way of transforming the mundane task of grocery shopping into an inspired culinary journey.

  1. Fresh and high quality food. Absolutely the best place for the freshest and finest quality meats, fish, fruits, herbs and baked goods. Think freshly baked bread, farm-to-table produce and expertly aged butcher-cuts.
  2. A wide variety of specialty items. Looking for a spice you’ve never heard of or the secret ingredient to Nona’s old-world recipe? Food markets offer the most impressive variety of speciality items.
  3. Culinary experts. Need help selecting the perfect artisan cheese or cooking your first turkey? You’ll be in good hands with expert merchants, who are happy to provide tips and advice.
  4. The personal touch. Merchants are invested in their customers. They foster a warm, friendly environment and offer personalized service — paying close attention to the details that are important to you!
  5. Local merchants and farmers. Merchants and farmers are primarily small, family businesses, passed down through generations. By shopping local you’re supporting your economy and maybe even your own neighbours.
  6. Value for your money. Food at the market is coming from a more direct source, often local and delivered at its freshest; packing more value into every bite.
  7. Food education opportunities. What’s a wild foraged fiddlehead? Markets are a great place to learn about food. Some even offer cooking classes and seminars.
  8. Exciting programs and activities. Markets are social centres with programs and special events. Visit their websites and social media to discover what’s happening.
  9. Community connections. Culture, heritage, character — a great food market is the soul of the city. Markets build community and add richness to neighbourhoods.
  10. Local lifestyle integration. Incorporate simple pleasures into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Taking the time to connect with farmers, your neighbours, and the person behind you in line helps to amplify your local living experience — from the food you eat right through to the memories you share.