John Morris, Executive Chef at 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower, is known for for his imaginative culinary work using local Canadian ingredients. His passion for market-fresh cuisine is shown through pairings of locally sourced ingredients, wine, and craft beer.

Mediaplanet: Your career has given you the opportunity to work all over the country. What is it about Toronto’s culinary culture that excites you?

John Morris: Toronto is a wonderful mosaic of cultures and cuisines. Exciting things are always happening in the food world here, with continuous growth and fresh influences.  At the same time, Toronto is a city steeped in — and fiercely proud of — its culinary roots and traditions.

MP: What culinary experience led to your passion for local ingredients?

JM: From an early age, I developed an appreciation for local ingredients. Dad always had a garden so I learned very early on that the freshness of food makes all the difference in flavour, visual appeal, and nutrition.  It only makes sense that you want your sources to be nearby.

MP: Why is it important to buy locally grown food?

JM: There are so many great reasons to do the right thing here. In random order, as they are all of great importance:   

  • Less carbon footprint in terms of shorter transportation distances.
  • Developing relationships with like-minded food-loving individuals in your community.
  • Supporting local economies.
  • Providing an authentic experience of your region for guests to enjoy, a taste of place.

MP: What ingredients can we expect to see on your menu this summer?

JM: 360 Restaurant’s summer menu will showcase many incredible offerings featuring the best of Canadian and local Ontario ingredients, a sampling includes:

  • Greens from The New Farm in Creemore
  • Cheeses from Monforte Dairy in Stratford
  • Cheeses from Fromagerie Kapuskoise in Kapuskasing
  • Back Forty Artisan Cheese in Mississippi Station
  • Cranberry bannock from flour milled at k2  Milling in Beeton
  • King Cole duck from Newmarket
  • Pork from Perth County

The 360 summer menu will launch in early May.  Visit to view menus, By the Glass cellar picks and to make your reservation.  Reservations are recommended.  Guests are treated to a spectacular revolving view of Toronto from their table located 351 metres above the city.  Elevation to 360 Restaurant and access to the LookOut and Glass Floor levels of the CN Tower, following your meal, are complimentary with the purchase of a prix fixe by each guest.