More resorts in Ontario are offering “all-in” vacation properties that put the ‘vacation’ back into vacation home. Resort management takes care of the chores, and all you have to do is sit back and relax.  Here are five benefits of owning a cottage resort home:

1. All of the fun and none of the work

Owning a cottage can have a huge hassle quotient: nesting raccoons chewing up your interior, weekends lost to opening and closing the cottage, and the non-stop upkeep of little tasks that add up to a lot of work. When you spend more time working on your cottage than enjoying it, you might start to wonder what it’s all for.

Owning a resorting cottage makes relaxing easy. The onerous tasks of ownership are handled by resort management. If something goes wrong, you can call someone and it’s their job to deal with your problem. 

An annual community fee typically covers your utility bills, property taxes and the amenities, so your budget is set. Some resorts offer maid service, and can manage the rental of your vacation home when you’re not using it.  

2. A busy social calendar 

A resort cottage can truly be a vacation for everyone — especially mom and dad. Resort communities come with a full roster of activities for kids of all ages. Some have day camps for children, playgrounds, canoeing, and golf lessons. There are family-fun events too, everything from wine and cheese parties to fireworks at night. 

3. Summer toys

You won’t have to buy a boat, canoe, or paddleboat, because cottaging resorts usually have these for their guests to share. Pools, on-site golf courses, and other amenities may also be included. All you have to do is show up and play. 

4. A sense of community

You get to know the people and become a part of the community, whether it’s sharing summer barbecue tips with your neighbours, watching your children grow up with a community of other kids, or just waving hello from your front porch, a strong sense of community can develop between residents who come back year after year. 

5. A place to call home

At a hotel, you’re a guest. At a resorting cottage, you’re home. You have your things, your decor, and you know your way around; no orientation required. There’s less packing and hassle involved because you can leave personal items and food there for your next visit. Or even move in for the summer, kick back, relax, and simply enjoy the view.