Brad Dicks 


Home to the third-highest entertainment industry by employment, our city centres are premium destinations for arts and culture professionals to make their mark in ‘the biz’. 

Provincial world-class events like TIFF, Caribana, Pride Day and top-notch jazz festivals are global leaders of their kind. So how can you tap into this rich, vibrant class culture and lay the roots for a successful career in the arts?

"professionals across all disciplines share a need for critical business skills."

Importance of business skills in culture

WorkInCulture Executive Director, Diane Davy says, “professionals across all disciplines share a need for critical business skills. Arts-focused learning around high-valued skills like marketing, networking and social media will help your personal business or organization grow.”

When artists and arts organizations have the level of support they need, in an environment that delivers these opportunities, anything is possible. The Toronto International Film Festival started small in 1976, featuring films that were hosted at other festivals around the world. Today, it is the leading public film festival on Earth, contributing more than $189M to our economy and creating over 2,295 jobs. Similar arts events include the Stratford and Shaw festivals, Canadian Music Week, the Sudbury Cinefest film festival and more. These culture affairs are the direct result of a longstanding relationship and deep appreciation for the arts in Ontario.

Who is helping?

Organizations find support through the provincial and federal governments such as the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) and the Ontario Trillium Foundation for example. Individual artists and arts professionals, however, can seek more direct training and guidance from groups like CARFAC Ontario, Crafts Ontario, ArtsBuild and WorkInCulture to name a few. 

Ontario’s culture sector contributed 252,300 jobs and $19.7B to our GDP in 2007, according to the OAC. As our arts and culture communities grow, professionals will find a place to employ their passion, create new jobs and contribute to our social and fiscal bottom line.

Brad Dicks