Interactive digital media now permeates almost every industry. No matter where your interests lie - from video games to education to automobiles - there’s likely a digital media-related career available to you. 

In addition to having a choice of sectors, your options can also extend to the specific job functions that match with your skill set.

Array of opportunities

Programming skills are in high demand. If the technical side of things appeals to you, app development or coding for interactive online media would be a good path to pursue be your path. You may find yourself creating your own unique intellectual property (IP) - as Toronto companies like Get Set Games have done with their massively successful Mega Run and Mega Jump games - or tackling a programming challenge as part of a work-for-hire project. 

If you’ve got a mind for business, there is tons of potential for marketing, sales and finance roles at game studios, digital advertising agencies, or eLearning companies. But if you’re more of an artistic type, you’ll find that opportunities in game art, user interface design, sound design and a host of others.  

"The careers in this sector are not only rewarding and interesting, but lucrative as well."

A lucrative industry

The careers in this sector are not only rewarding and interesting, but lucrative as well. The Entertainment Software Association of Canada reported in 2012 that the average annual salary in the Canadian video game industry $72,500. In addition, you’ll find unique perks at many companies. Free catered lunches are increasingly common and one company even offers a bi-weekly housecleaning service for employees.

If a large company is what you seek, Toronto is home to Canadian offices of international heavyweights like Google, Facebook, and Ubisoft. If you prefer a smaller, more intimate setting, the city is filled with tight-knit teams starting with as few as two people. And for those with an entrepreneurial streak, Toronto is an excellent place to set up shop; access to provincial grants  (through the Ontario Media Development Corporation), government investment (Canada Media Fund), and generous tax credits on expenditures (Ontario Digital Media Tax Credit) are all part of the supports in place to help digital media entrepreneurs succeed.

Your next step

So where should a new grad to start? Toronto has a wealth of digital media events, meet up groups, professional organizations, and coworking spaces.

Girl Geeks Toronto and Dames Making Games provide networking and education for women in digital media. Coworking spaces like the Centre for Social Innovation and Bento Miso allow creators to meet like-minded people - perhaps even future collaborators and business partners! - in an innovative environment.  Digital media in Toronto is a growing industry that awaits new talent. With the diversity of roles available and many companies hiring, you’ll be sure to find your best fit.

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