Love It or List It Vancouver host Jillian Harris gives new condo owners her tips for making their space feel like home.

Mediaplanet: What are some of your favourite tricks to instantly refresh your home?

Jillian Harris: I'm always swapping out my throw pillows, you can instantly refresh your home by simply changing the covers on your inserts to match the season! I also always have wreaths hanging on my front door, you can purchase reusable wreaths for any season or splurge a bit and purchase some live wreaths ... or make your own using fresh flowers and greenery! I know this sounds boring, but CLEAN AND PURGE! ITS FREE and especially during the spring, we all have residual clutter form the winter that we need to deal with. A good clean and scrub down can make you feel like you have an entirely new home… and while you're at it change some furniture around and add some fresh flowers (Your local grocery store will always have some cost-effective options!).

MP: How can those in a smaller home like a condo maximize their space?

JH: I'm all for a clutter-free space so I totally support multi-functional furniture in a small space, the more functional a home is, the better! I would make sure to have lots of storage, whether that's maximizing your cabinet space or purchasing ottomans that double as storage containers! And again, purge. The less ‘stuff’ the better!

MP: How can owners make their space feel like home and not just another cookie-cutter condo unit?

JH: That's easy! Paint and decor! Choose colours, prints, patterns, and decor pieces that represent your style and run with them! Also swapping out light fixtures is a big one!

MP: Without a yard, your balcony becomes your outdoor oasis as a condo owner. Do you have any tips for this space?

JH: Invest in some quality (and comfortable) patio furniture so you feel excited to spend time out there and entertain. String lights and candles add a nice ambiance and plants/flowers make the space fresh and inviting! I’ve also loved putting art, mirrors and wall hangings outside covered areas to really bring the inside out!