Mediaplanet: What fuelled your passion for mountain biking?

Darren Berrecloth: It stems from my drive to explore the outdoors.

MP: Who introduced you to the sport?

DB: Growing up in rural BC, with gorgeous vistas and a ton of accessible land, mountain biking more or less found me. It’s a perfect recipe for getting out and shredding the backcountry.

MP: What are your tips for picking the best trails to hit this summer?

DB: The best way to find and shred trails is the Trailforks mobile app.

MP: Where is your go-to spot for world-class riding in BC?

DB: That’s a no-brainer, Whistler!

MP: How do you feel mountain biking has added to the culture of British Columbia?

DB: In places like Squamish and Cumberland, the bike scene is so big that people are flocking to the towns and actually starting to move there. At the same time, municipalities are spending $200,000 on a trail and being repaid tenfold.

MP: How does exploring the natural landscape add to the cultural experience of visiting a new area?

DB: Exploring all of the amazing things that an area has to offer is why you travel, and the mountain bike is the perfect tool to get out there and explore new terrain.

MP: What are your must-have items you make sure to equip yourself before you head out on your bike?

DB: For me it all depends on how long the ride is going to be, but for the average newbie, a tube, pump, snacks, and water are your bare essentials.

MP: What is your motivation that keeps you pushing your own limits every day?

DB: For me it’s the challenge of conquering my fears and telling that voice deep inside you that says “no” to forget it and pushing through. It’s about setting your sights on Mt. Everest and getting there. There is no better feeling than achieving your goals.

MP: What’s next for you in your MTB career?

DB: I recently made the switch from being a combined competition/content rider to focusing mainly on being a content athlete [creating videos instead of competing] so I have lots of big field trips coming up. The next one is actually one of the biggest of my career. It’s a trip to the Canadian Arctic to push big mountain riding to the next level!

MP: As a mountain biker, what’s the best thing about being based out of BC?

DB: The best thing about being based out of BC is being based out of BC! It offers a smorgasbord of outdoor sports. Anywhere you go, there are gorgeous mountains, lakes, rivers, and streams. Epic endless good times and adventures are just waiting to be had.