What sets a LaSalle College Vancouver culinary graduate apart? Top technical skills and a deep knowledge of the restaurant industry.

A career in the culinary arts isn’t a one size fits all — and your school shouldn’t be either. Given the labour shortage for qualified chefs in British Columbia and across Canada, there’s no better time to start a culinary career.

LaSalle College Vancouver’s Culinary School offers programs tailored to your needs — whether it’s learning the fundamentals of the craft or how to plan your own restaurant.

Academic department director Chef Benjamin Faber says one of the biggest strengths of a LaSalle College Vancouver education is the global approach to cuisine.

“Within our curriculum we focus on a lot of culinary styles,” says Faber. “That includes techniques from North America and around the world. We also look at sourcing local and seasonal ingredients.”

Six-month certificates in Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts give graduates the toolkit they need for entry-level work. But LaSalle College Vancouver also offers more intensive 12-month diplomas in both fields that give students a deeper reserve of skills and prepare them for leadership roles in professional kitchens.

“Students make multi-course menus on a daily basis in the 12-month program,” says Faber. “We emulate what the industry is going to be expecting from our graduates.”

Year-long baking and pastry students take their skills to the next level by crafting artisan breads, chocolates, confections, and European cakes and pastries as part of their curriculum.

There’s even an opportunity to gain first-hand experience at the student-run restaurant, Second Floor Bistro. Graduating LaSalle College Vancouver culinary students get a well-rounded experience, from working front of house to menu development, and gaining experience in a real restaurant kitchen.

For those interested in developing the skills needed to open their own restaurant, there is also an 18-month program in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Ownership. Graduates finish the program with the school’s most advanced culinary courses as well as a capstone project — a business plan for a restaurant.

“All LaSalle College Vancouver students understand the restaurant industry not just as a line cook but as a manager or a business owner,” says Faber. “They’re not simply being thrown into it.”

LaSalle College Vancouver’s Career Services department helps graduating culinary students with exit interviews, resumé and cover letter help, and working with employers to help secure full employment after graduation.