Tony Muscat, Director of Inch By Inch inspections sat down with Mediaplanet to talk condo inspections and what sets their services apart.

Mediaplanet: What should homeowners be looking for when deciding on a home inspector?

Tony Muscat: Firstly, your inspector should have a certification in mould and air quality. This is critically important, as poor air quality can affect the overall health of those in the home. Also, your inspector should have experience in the building environmental field. While most inspectors are able to conduct various types of testing, a thorough inspector will gather data from testing and the visual inspection to provide a synopsis of findings.

MP: What sets Inch by Inch apart from other inspection companies?

TM: We're a certified company with over 20 years of experience in the building environmental, air quality, and mould fields. We also focus on professional development to ensure our inspectors are up to date with the latest skills in the governmental, residential, and commercial property industries.

MP: How does your team make a difference for new buyers?

TM: Our inspectors have a wealth of experience dealing with new buyers— we provide peace of mind with inspections, laboratory assessments, high-tech equipment, and infrared technology.

MP: If a new buyer suspects that their unit may have air quality and mould issues, what should they do?

TM: If mould or air quality issues are suspected, customers should call Inch by Inch Inspections for a free phone consultation. Do not agitate the (suspected) mould, as spores will increase without proper protocols. When inspectors arrive they'll take specific visual and mould testing samples to identify the issue. From there, a report will be provided with recommendations for next steps.

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