Pet Health & Animal Wellness


No Cat Is Unadoptable

Euthanizing cats doesn't have to be the answer. The Toronto Cat Rescue provides medical and foster care for cats while they wait for their forever homes.

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Ensuring Cows Get The Best Quality Care

A dairy cow is more productive when it's comfortable, which is why Dairy Farmers of Canada prioritizes bovine well-being in their proAction process.

Presenting Norbert, The Therapy Dog

Julie Steines is the award-winning author of the children’s series Norbert, inspired by her three-pound therapy dog. Mediaplanet sat down with her to discuss the amazing work Norbert does as a philanthropist!

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Pet Food With A Natural Boost

What is "natural" pet food? Nutram has a holistic approach to pet nutrition, which has made it the go-to brand of pet owners in over 30 countries.