Want to combine adventure, education, and fun this summer? Then consider British Columbia’s Grouse Mountain as one of your destinations. This unique mountain resort offers an exceptional way to experience Canada’s rich wilderness heritage through activities like mountaintop hiking, guided eco-walks, wildlife talks, and engaging with real lumberjacks. Best of all, it’s easily accessible by public transit from downtown Vancouver and there’s a free shuttle bus during the summer months from Canada Place. Here are the top five BC moments to check off your vacation bucket list this summer at Grouse Mountain.

Resident Grizzlies Grinder and Coola live in a five-acre mountainside habitat where visitors can safely interact with them at close range. “You can watch true grizzly bear behaviours like foraging, playing in the ponds, and digging,” says Devin Manky, Grouse Mountain’s Wildlife Manager. Rangers give guided talks several times a day and explain the Grizzlies’ role in the ecosystem. Those seeking a bit more adventure can enjoy a fully catered “Breakfast with the Bears” at the Grizzly Lookout Café, where you can feast on foods that are part of the bear’s natural diet, like salmon and berries.

Forestry is a leading industry in British Columbia. While forestry practices are now modernized, the appeal of the old rough-and-tumble lumberjack endures. The world-famous Lumberjack Show features champion lumberjacks showcasing their spectacular tree climbing, axe throwing, and log rolling skills. After the show, audience members can meet the performers and pose for photos with them.

Peregrine falcons, owls, Turkey vultures, and the iconic Bald eagle all make British Columbia part of their migratory route. In cooperation with the Pacific Northwest Raptors, Grouse Mountain’s Birds in Motion flying demonstration takes place three times a day to show off the birds’ phenomenal hunting and flying skills. “In addition to learning interesting facts about each raptor species, the audience can witness the birds in free flight against the beautiful mountain backdrop,” says Manky. “It’s a great place for photographers.” 

See downtown Vancouver, the beaches, and backcountry from the Grouse Mountain plateau. Or if you’re really adventurous,  try Mountain Ziplines and take in the views as you soar above old-growth forests at speeds up to 80 km/hr. Go even further to the highest point and take the elevator to the top of the Eye of the Wind Turbine, which can provide 15 percent of the resort’s energy, and get a spectacular 360-degree view of the surrounding area, including Whistler and Washington State.

Escape the stresses of modern life and enjoy a good old-fashioned family singalong around the campfire, where one of the Grouse Mountain staff will play guitar.