Escape everyday monotony to experience a land that emanates New Brunswick culture, coastlines that extend for days, and sights that rouse the wanderlust buried deep within. The Bay of Fundy, which spans the southeastern side of New Brunswick, offers every traveller an adventure tailored just for them.

Scenic explorer

For the wanderer seeking nature’s beauty, visiting the untouched coastlines will take away your breath. Along the Bay of Fundy, experiencing the highest tides in the world will definitely be the highlight of your travels. Nowhere else can you witness the mighty waters recede 160 billion tonnes of water, twice a day, as you can experience it here. The terracotta-coloured sand reveals itself, only to be submerged underwater where local Canadian cod and salmon reclaim their home. 

Visiting Hopewell Rocks, just south of Moncton, will thrust the explorer into lands not seen. The iconic rocks, which were formed over thousands of years of tidal erosion, are a source of pride for New Brunswickers. The ethereal landscape feels as if you’re on another planet. When it’s low tide, tourists and locals trek the ocean floor, wandering between the unique four-storey-high rock formations. 

Perhaps the traveller in you wants to spot a whale. The whale highway —a part of the bay that is a popular whale migration route — weaves between the Fundy Isles, where ferries allow you to island hop. Witnessing these majestic creatures along the highway places the world into perspective as you soak in their calm demeanour.

Thrill seeker

Along the Bay of Fundy, the adventurer can seek an adrenaline rush amongst New Brunswick’s variety of landscapes. Travellers can kayak during high tide at Hopewell Rocks, uncovering the intricate network of “flowerpot” rock formations and caves. The sea caves at St. Martins flow into the crisp, clear water of the Big Salmon River, where you can view the red rock contrast against lush greenery at the height of summer. If you want to kayak or canoe fresh waters, consider paddle boarding down the Saint John River in Fredericton, enjoying the beautiful cityscape.   

Saint John — the oldest incorporated city in Canada — also summons travellers to a mystical sight. What will you see? A uniquely Maritimes phenomenon known as the Reversing Falls Rapids. At low tide the Saint John River empties into the Bay of Fundy, which looks like a collision as the two bodies of water cause rolling rapids and winding whirlpools.   

Perhaps a land adventure is more your vibe. Scale the jagged drop-off of Cape Enrage that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean — the unassuming cape will get your heart pounding. If rappelling down the side of a cliff is too crazy, hook up to a zipline that will send you flying over the coastal landscape.


New Brunswick cuisine specializes in seafood and dishes with Acadian influence. When in New Brunswick, a foodie must try any lobster available. Being right by the sea, there is no better opportunity to savour its fresh taste. Or explore the various Acadian-influenced dishes that will leave your tastebuds salivating, like chicken fricot — a chicken soup with a twist.

The capital city of Fredericton calls on any craft beer enthusiast; it boasts the highest concentration of craft breweries and tasting experiences in the Maritimes. While in Fredericton — a city rich in culture, history, and riverside views — enjoy the arts scene at the world-class Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

No matter what adventure you’re seeking, you are guaranteed to quell your wanderlust in New Brunswick.