Golf to some people can seem like an intimidating and time consuming game, with too many rules and a weird language all its own – birdies, eagles, bogeys, pars etc. However, golf is a game that can offer so much to kids and adults alike. 

It’s a game you can play well into your later years, it’s a way to remain physically active, and it’s a great way to spend time together as family. It also is a game that can teach some very valuable life lessons such as respect and honesty. What other games requires players to call penalties on themselves?

As a beginner, an occasional player, or one that has played for years, there are always things that you can do to become a better player and ultimately make the game more enjoyable. 

  • Get the right kind of help There are countless books/magazines that I see, all offering swing tips of some kind. While some of it is very good, I find there is just too much information being thrown at golfers. My advice: look up the nearest CPGA Professional and let them help you. I promise your game will be better off in the long run.
  • Practice time Divide your time into thirds: between the range, putting green and short game and you will see lower scores. 
  • Focus on the basics Grip, stance posture, and alignment. The best players in the world continually work on these things, so shouldn’t you?
  • It’s just a game Relax and have FUN!