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Q&A with the Canadian Pet Expo Team

dog sitting beside cat
dog sitting beside cat

The Canadian Pet Expo (CPE) team shared with Mediaplanet details on the upcoming Spring CPE, what to expect at the event, and how they’re spreading the message of responsible pet ownership.


What is the Canadian Pet Expo?

The Canadian Pet Expo (CPE) is Canada’s largest indoor pet show! We strive to connect pet families and animal fanatics with experts in the industry, provide them with the greatest ‘pet-focused’ shopping experience, and ensure they receive valuable information and advice that promotes responsible pet ownership, a keystone value of every CPE event. And the best part – pets are welcome to attend with their families.


As a pet-friendly family event, what entertainment options can attendees look forward to this year? 

Attendees should gear up for an exciting weekend! The Spring CPE, April 15-17 at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ont., features the Canine Circus, where visitors can witness world-renowned furry four-legged superstars perform feats of courage, illusions, and stunts; the Canine Fun Zone, a large interactive arena where you and your dog can try agility, dock diving, and the popular Lure Course; a full TICA (The International Cat Association) cat conformation show, and last but certainly not least, pets and their owners can hop on over to the Easter Bunny photo area to capture a memory of the day with the Bunny himself!


For owners planning to attend with their pets, should they prepare anything in advance?

All pets are welcome, and we want them to have a great time and enjoy every aspect of their day at the CPE, so we have some recommendations and rules to keep in mind. First, a completed Pet Waiver must accompany you and your pet. When you arrive, the waiver can be dropped off at the Pet Waiver station where a member of our Animal Behaviour Expert team will meet your pet, collect the waiver, and present owners with a very important Show Pet Bag which contains water, a bowl, poop bags, and a small toy – all the essentials for a fun time!

Second, all pets must be leashed (maximum 48” leash), tethered appropriately, or in a suitable carrier. We do not permit extendable leashes. In the case of very small dogs, we recommend they attend in a stroller or carrier, but we leave that decision up to owners.

Third, you know your pet the best and how they react to other pets and people. Please consider leaving your pet at home if they do not enjoy the company of large groups of other pets and people. We want you and your pet to have a stress-free fun experience! You can always spoil your pet at home with goodies from the Expo.

Lastly, while we have a full Clean up Crew circulating the Expo continually throughout the day, we ask pet owners to please be prepared to clean up after any pet accidents.

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With 300 vendor booths, what makes the CPE’s pet-focused shopping event a unique experience?  

Ultimately it is our pet-friendly environment that is the game changer! Imagine shopping with your pet and being able to try on clothing, sample foods and treats, and have them test out new toys before buying? We call that a win! We specifically seek out new, unique, and innovative pet-focused exhibitors from all over Canada. Many exhibitors hold back new products to specifically launch at the Spring CPE. Watch for the new strollers, treats, toys, pet clothing and novelty pet-related goods making their Canadian debut at the Spring CPE.


Responsible pet ownership is an important focus of the CPE. Can you share more on the events and services that will help support this message?

Promoting responsible pet ownership through pet-friendly, family events is our mission. Firstly, and most importantly, no furry pets are adopted at our shows. While there are plenty of breeders, rescues, and adoption agencies at the Spring CPE, we want to prevent any impulse purchases/adoptions of our furry or feathered friends.

Speaking of breeders and rescues, a big part of being a responsible pet owner is researching the type and breed of pet you are considering adding to your family – and discussing options with the experts! Potential new pet owners will see firsthand dozens of breeds interacting with their families, who are usually happy to share info about their pets.

The CPE is chock full of experts in their fields from breeders, rescuers and trainers to animal nutritionists, supplement experts and physical fitness professionals who are only too happy to share their knowledge.

A huge part of responsible pet ownership is the day-to-day care of your pet including diet, training, equipment like leashes and harnesses, toys, and everything in between. Choosing what works best for you and your pet is easy when all the experts are under one roof.

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