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Supporting Local Food

A hand in a field holding soil
A hand in a field holding soil

Right now, more than ever, it’s vital for Ontarians to support their local food suppliers. Learn about the virtual farmers’ markets, indoors hydroponics set-ups, and backyard grilling tips to eat your way through the summer in style!

How to Enjoy Fresh, Local Food All Summer Long

Ontario’s Greenbelt is critical to the province’s food supply. Here’s how you can support your local Greenbelt farmers this summer.

The Advantages of Growing and Cooking at Home

An indoor garden lets you create delicious, nutritious, home-cooked meals with home-grown ingredients — and explore a new world of flavours.

Fire Masters’ Dylan Benoit’s Favourite Summer Dishes and Local Foods

We caught up with Dylan Benoit, chef and Food Network Canada host, about out his favourite summer dishes and his tips on sourcing locally when shopping for food.

Barbecue King Ted Reader’s Tips for Using the Grill

We spoke with The God Father of the Grill, Ted Reader, to find out how he’s keeping things interesting in the kitchen during these times of isolation.

GrillinFools’ Scott Thomas Shares His Go-To Grill Meals

Mediaplanet spoke with grill master Scott Thomas about his history with the grill, grilling essentials, and favourite fishes.

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