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Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion header adidas shoe
Sustainable Fashion header adidas shoe

Did you know that the average Canadian will throw out 69 lbs of clothing per year? That’s over two billion pounds of textiles destined for landfill — and it doesn’t even take into consideration the textile industry’s waste generated by creating your garments in the first place.

Read Sustainable Fashion to learn about the negative impact that excessive consumption has on the environment. Take a look at your shopping habits, then take a look at these brands and innovators who are putting their best feet forward to create eco-conscious and fashionable pieces for your wardrobe, your wallet — and our planet.

Resizing Fashion’s Footprint

If we don’t slow down our consumption and invest in our wardrobe by buying fewer pieces, but better quality, we’re perpetuating a destructive cycle.

The Next Step in Single-Use Plastic Reduction Is in a Pair of Sneakers

In an age of environmentally-disastrous fast fashion, learn how adidas is putting their best foot forward by leading the charge for sustainability.

Get Thrifty: Why Reuse Is the Best Sustainable Fashion Choice

Shopping for the latest fashion trends can be costly for the environment, so many eco-conscious consumers are turning to thrifting and reuse as a solution.

Why Thrift? Sarah Nicole Landry Has the Answers

We asked Sarah Nicole Landry for her tips on shopping thrift and the benefits that reuse brings to your closet — the planet!

Living Consciously and ‘Qeeping Up’ with Maggie Q

Actress Maggie Q opens up about her passion for the planet and the inspiration behind creating her new sustainable clothing line, Qeep Up.

Staying Sustainably Chic with Allegra Shaw

We asked Allegra Shaw, Toronto-based creator and co-owner of sustainable fashion line Uncle Studios, for her tips on working towards a sustainable closet!

The Battle Against Fast Fashion Is Winning

The ease of keeping up with fashion trends has caused an epidemic of overconsumption, but Kit and Ace is combatting this with versatile, adaptable garments.

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