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Sustainable Packaging

Lauren Singer
Lauren Singer

While living an ecologically-mindful life is easier than you might think, trying first to navigate terms like “zero-waste” and “greenwashing” can seem intimidating. Sustainable Packaging brings it all together to help you understand the impact your purchases have on the environment, why it matters, and how your habits can make a positive difference on our future.

Living Zero Waste Is Easier Than You Think

Lauren Singer, zero-waste influencer and founder of Package Free, shares her tips on living a green life and talks about her own sustainable startup.

Partnerships That Take Care of the Planet

One of the world’s largest fashion brands is leading the change to a more sustainable future and inspiring other brands to follow by partnering with the WWF.

The Importance of Sustainability with Allegra Shaw

Entrepreneur and influencer Allegra Shaw on how sustainability’s at the core of her brand, Uncle Studios, and sustainability’s importance to modern fashion.

Add Zero Waste to Your Lifestyle

It’s tough for consumers to dodge plastic packaging, but when faced with choices, choose companies that offer reusable, refillable, or unpackaged alternatives.

It’s In Our Spirit

Vodka might not be the first place you turn when you think of sustainability. Absolut Vodka is here to change that by its environmental impact a priority.

Reducing Waste Can Be Easy and Getting Started Is Simple

You don’t need to go completely zero-waste. Reducing waste can be easy and getting started is simple. Try starting with these tips from Plastic Oceans Canada.

The Deadly Impact of Plastics

The Canadian Wildlife Federation looking for solutions to single-use plastics in order to reduce the impact of plastics pollution on our natural habitats.

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