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Self-Love and Personal Care

Self-Love and Personal Care header
Self-Love and Personal Care header

Self-Love and Personal Care wants to empower Canadians to look and feel their best. Redefine beauty standards, spark positive conversations around self-confidence and personal care, and learn about some ways to help boost overall happiness and self-esteem.

Body Confidence Is Being Unafraid to Be You

Finding our beauty and strength can seem like a challenge, but it becomes easier when we make an effort to empower one another.

Natural Deodorant: A Natural Way to Feel Fresh All Day

If just the thought of swapping your go-to deodorant with a natural one makes you sweat, Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant has some good news.

The Impact of Psoriasis Is More Than Skin Deep

Psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease, can affect quality of life and mental health, but new targeted therapies are bringing hope to patients.

How to Look and Feel Your Best on Video Calls

Whether the COVID-19 pandemic has you working, learning, or seeing friends and family virtually, read the top tips on how to look and feel your best on-screen.

These Gummies Will Make You Want to Take Your Vitamins

SUKU Vitamins makes it easy to be healthy from the inside out with gummy vitamins that are effective, delicious, and the cleanest on the market.

For Women with Cancer, Feeling Confident Helps

Look Good Feel Better’s workshops connect women going through cancer treatment and give them the tools to feel like themselves again.

Iskra Lawrence: Choose to Be Kind to Yourself Every Day

Model and body acceptance activist Iskra Lawrence uses her platform to empower women of all shapes and sizes. We asked her about confidence and self-love.

Self-Care and Skin Care with Sasha Exeter

We asked entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger Sasha Exeter about her self-care routine, skin care tips, and advice for modern moms.

Allana Davison’s Top Tips for Clean Beauty

Content creator Allana Davison shares her tips for to keep your skin care routine clean and explains how to listen to what your skin’s trying to tell you.

Beautiful Skin Is Healthy Skin: Love Your Natural Skin Tone

It’s no secret that for a long time Western culture has had an obsession with tanning, whether on the beach or at a tanning salon.

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