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Mediaplanet spoke with Nigel Osborne, Executive Director of about educating people on dairy production.

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What was the inspiration behind Dairy-Truth? was modelled after our other online entity, Both seek to shine a light on the dairy and egg industries, respectively — first and foremost from an animal welfare perspective, but also addressing the negative impact of consuming these products on human health and the environmental issues as they relate to global dairy production. The well-funded narratives of the dairy and egg industries have stood largely unopposed for generations, and we seek to change that.

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Why is it important for you to educate people on dairy production?

It’s important for everyone to understand the immense suffering that the dairy industry imposes on animals. The dairy industry is a slaughter industry and many consumers are unaware of this. We’ve published a comprehensive overview of dairy production on our website, the page is called “Life of A Cow.” Most ethical vegans we know all say the same thing about their transition: “If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve ditched eggs and dairy from the get-go!” We hope to inspire folks to consider veganism. It has never been easier, more affordable, and more delicious than it is right now.

We hope to inspire folks to consider veganism — it has never been easier, more affordable, and more delicious than it is right now.

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What are some of the most shocking stories that you’ve come across?

Little shocks me anymore! Some of the worst cases of violence and abuse never make it into the public domain as the mainstream media simply won’t show it. Nonetheless, we have on our website videos of each and every documented dairy farm investigation from around the world. They’re all the same in that they showcase both what I call systemic abuse (that is to say, the many standard industry practices) and ad-hoc abuse (when an individual worker inflicts violence on an animal).

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How does plant-based milk differ from cow’s milk?

Plant-based milks generally contain fibre and zero percent cholesterol, unlike cow’s milk. Fibre is one of the single largest deficiencies in the North American diet, and cholesterol remains a concern as it relates to cardiovascular disease. We explain on our website why cholesterol intake, despite recent headlines, remains something that should be limited or eliminated from our diet. Beyond that, plant-based milks are delicious and generally healthier, especially soy milk.

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What’s one important message you want readers to take away from this?

Visit both of our websites, engage with our social media channels, and learn the truth. What readers do with that information is their choice — but I hope that they choose compassion and that they seek out the many cruelty-free products on the market today. I hope that they choose better health for themselves and their families, and a lifestyle that recognizes that the environmental degradation from these industries should no longer be supported.

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What can we look for from Dairy-Truth in the future?

We’ll be doing educational consumer outreach through ongoing advertising campaigns, from outdoor to social media for both and in the months and years to come. Please visit us on social media and share our content with your family, friends, and colleagues.

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