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How RVing Can Bring You Closer to Nature This Summer

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Canadians are surrounded by nature and RV travel can help us explore our own backyard in an environmentally responsible way.

Have you ever noticed how a walk in the park calms you down after a tough week or how a bonfire helps the conversation flow freely? How about the fact that the sound of waves lapping on a beach puts you to sleep faster than anything else? These observations are not just anecdotal, but fact. 


According to research compiled by McMaster University’s Nature @ McMaster studying the effects of nature on our health, “Significant research supports the therapeutic benefits of spending time surrounded by nature. Not only are the therapeutic effects observed following non-active ‘nature-bathing’ activities, but they also exceed those experienced from urban-outdoor exposures alone, reinforcing the importance of nature and greenspace for mental well-being.”

Canadians, fortunately, are surrounded by flora and fauna just outside our doors. We just need to get out there and explore what’s in our own backyard, and an RV can help get us there.

Living the RV lifestyle

Aside from various scientific studies that prove the nature-mental wellness link, we can feel the emotional effects of being out in the open air. If you always thought, though, that you weren’t the camping type, RVing is the best way to find yourself in nature. 

Highly customizable, RVs come in all different sizes and shapes and can be as simple or as modified as you like. Some people need only a cooktop and a bathroom to make them happy when hitting the road while others might not leave their living rooms for less than a full-sized kitchen, large living space, and air conditioning.

If your idea of outdoor bliss is a quiet lake view and a sunset cocktail on a deck, you can get that. Or perhaps you prefer a contemplative activity like hiking in the hills or fishing in a calm lake at sunrise when the fish are biting. Maybe you’d rather immerse yourself in woodlands for a forest-bathing session or park your RV in a campground near a golf course for a non-stop golfing weekend. No matter what your idea of a dream getaway is, an RV can help you make that dream a reality.

The RV lifestyle has something for everyone and a price range to fit. Nomads, avid adventurers, luxury-loving trippers, and family-focused vacationers can all find the right RV experience to fit their needs. The choice is yours — the important thing is to escape the daily grind and feel the healing effects of being out in nature with friends and family.

Short haul or long haul the RV way

When you hit the road to go RVing you can pull it, drive it, or even park it. Many people set up a home away from home by living in an RV for part of the year, either to escape Canada’s cold winter or to embrace it. 

For those who like to work at home, nothing’s better than working on the road. Surround yourself in nature like a comfy blanket that keeps you centred on the task at hand. No ringing phones and chaotic conversations in a busy office corridor. Just the sounds of lapping water, whispering trees, or twittering birds.

If you’re short on time, weekend breaks are at your fingertips in every region of the country. If you live in British Columbia, for instance, take a short drive to Whistler to experience the Sasquatch Zipline, spanning over two kilometres. If that’s a little too daunting, spend time on Blackcomb Mountain either hiking, skiing, or simply taking in the view.

Manitobans take to the road in the summer to visit one of Manitoba’s 100,000 lakes. Those living in Ontario might like to take the family on a short jaunt to Canada’s Wonderland, on to Reptilia to see the creepy crawlies, and end the weekend with quiet time at the Kortright Centre for Conservation. Quebecers can make their way to the Laurentians to take in a summer festival with friends or hit the hills in ski gear in the winter.

If you’re looking for a longer getaway, then take a bucket list-worthy vacation to one of Canada’s must-see natural highlights. A trip to Labrador and Newfoundland means you can surround yourself with some of the most ancient and alien vistas you could ever hope to see in Gros Morne National Park. Seeing the Northern Lights is a dream for many and you can see them dance in the Northwest Territories without having to worry about where to find a hotel in the wilderness. Or you can travel down one of the most beautiful roads in Canada, Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail.

Let these journeys through Canada’s natural landscapes help you connect with the you that you want to be, not just the you that you are. 

Ecotourism includes travelling by RV

With RVing you aren’t only being kind to yourself — you’re being kind to nature.

RVing is more environmentally friendly than you might think. Compared to air travel, for instance, RVing is a more sustainable means of transit, especially with improvements in green tech. Vehicles in general are more efficient than ever before and RVs do more than pull their own weight when it comes to being eco-conscious. 

RVers can lessen their environmental impact further by making smart day-to-day choices. These can include using eco-friendly cleaning products, installing solar panels as a renewable energy source, planning meals and snacks to reduce waste, using reusable containers, and avoiding single-use plastics.

Additional tips include keeping to proper pathways so that delicate flowers and plants aren’t trampled in your wake, not washing anything in natural sources of water to keep ecosystems intact, and only using items that are reusable. A good general rule of thumb is to leave your campsite cleaner than you found it, because when nature is happy, you’ll be a happy camper, too. 

Get ready to hit the road by visiting Go RVing Canada’s site to find out what sort of RV experience is right for you.

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