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True North Living » Travel » Ontario: So Much More to Discover

Ontario has long been known for its famous landmarks and natural wonders — it’s what defines the province and puts its name on the map. But there is so much more to discover if only you delve deeper. Ontario has a plethora of natural sites, wild amusements, and unique experiences. If you think you’ve seen all Ontario has to offer — think again!

Surrounded by four Great Lakes, it is no surprise that some of the best attractions take place on water.  The White Water Walk winds around the crashing waves of the Niagara River, with up-close views like no other. Turbo-tubing at Grand River Rapids will have you paddling Ontario’s largest river on a unique kayak-like raft with inflated seats.

An adventure in the trees will have you trekking high above the ground or zip lining through forests with Treetop Trekking or Long Point Eco Adventure. If animals fascinate you, Jungle Cat World’s daily guided feeding tour will awe you, as the animals are active and up close. At the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory you get a similar experience — but this time with butterflies who will land right on you!

Culture is at Ontario’s core. Each June, Windsor celebrates this diversity with the largest multicultural festival — Carrousel of Nations. In Sault Ste. Marie the Gathering at the Rapids Pow Wow is Northern Ontario’s largest pow wow at Algoma University, and a truly unique experience.

Photo of a couple looking into roiling water
The White Water Walk. Photo: The Niagara Parks Commission
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