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Raw, Natural Foods Are the Key to Optimal Health for Your Dog or Cat

pet food in bowl
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pet food in bowl
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A raw food diet could transform your pet’s health, but it’s important to opt for a nutritionally-sound, balanced option.

Many modern pet parents consider our dogs and cats to be bona fide members of our families, and go to considerable lengths to ensure their health and well-being. Even if you’re not investing in doggy daycare, kitty spas, or a pet psychologist (yes, it’s a thing), you likely strive to give your pet the best. But have you considered their diet?

One area that’s gaining traction among health-conscious pet owners is raw pet food. As vets increasingly recommend raw diets and more and more pet owners see the benefits firsthand, the raw pet food reputation is spreading.

The transformational power of raw

For Geraldine Brouwer, co-owner of the raw pet food manufacturer and supplier Big Country Raw, the idea of a raw food diet initially came from a fellow pet owner’s recommendation. The Brouwers wanted to breed Bernese Mountain Dogs, but their own Bernese puppy was having allergies and other health issues. “Once we started feeding her a raw diet, her health just transformed,” says Brouwer. “I had a young family and was very concerned about what I was feeding my kids, and once I started investigating kibble ingredients and discovering how processed they are, it all made sense.”

Brouwer started making her own raw, natural pet food. She and her husband Rob began breeding dogs and offering to make nutritious raw food for the growing puppies as they headed off to their new homes.

Taking pet nutrition seriously

Demand for the Brouwers’ homemade pet food grew, and in 2012 they officially set up shop with the launch of Big Country Raw and a commitment to producing high-quality, affordable, and safe raw pet food.

From the beginning, the Brouwers focused on creating balanced, nutritious recipes with the right balance of nutrients. While kibble is manufactured to a science, raw diets must be carefully crafted to ensure complete, balanced nutrition for pets. All Big Country Raw recipes are formulated by the company’s in-house agronomist and nutritionist, and include balanced ratios of all macro and micronutrients as well as amino and fatty acids. The proudly Canadian company also sources all of its ingredients and makes everything in its own facility.

A decade of innovation

Since its start in 2012, Big Country Raw has continuously grown and innovated. “We now have 150 employees and our brand is sold in approximately 1,500 retail outlets across Canada,” says Brouwer. “We also have a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Smithville, Ont., which we’re extremely proud of.”

Big Country Raw’s meals, supplements, treats, and more are transforming pets’ health across the country. Benefits of a raw food diet include reduced ear infections, shiny coats, stronger immune systems, reduced doggie breath, more energy, and smaller poops. The recipes are crafted with great care and come in eco-friendly, recyclable paperboard packaging. After all, your furry friend deserves the best.

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