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Q&A with Steve-O: Pet Adoption, Animal Love, and Tips for Pet Parents

steveo with dog
steveo with dog
Photo credit: Jon Premosch

Mediaplanet chatted with entertainer and TV personality Steve-O, who’s a long-time animal rights activist and vegan, about his adopted pup Wendy, his love for animals, and his advice for fellow pet owners.


From street dog to co-star, Wendy is your forever friend. Can you describe the journey of meeting her?

I found Wendy in the streets of Peru, and one of the first things I saw her do was eat poop out of a dirty diaper. I’m pretty sure that would be a major turn-off for most people, but it didn’t bother me a bit! Wendy ended up following me everywhere I went, and we developed a bond quickly. It took me very little time to know that I was going to figure out how to bring her home with me, and she’s gone just about everywhere with me ever since.


What was your experience like bringing home an adopted dog?

Not all dogs are going to feel safe and comfortable in a new home. Fortunately for me, Wendy immediately got along with all of our other animals and felt perfectly safe and comfortable from the start.


How has Wendy impacted your life and your love for animals?

I don’t know that Wendy has changed the way I feel about animals overall, but I think it’s safe to say that I love her more than any creature that has ever lived. And that’s not hyperbole — I really do love her so much that it feels as though my heart is outside of my body.


What are your favourite activities to do with Wendy?

I love it the most when Wendy plays with other dogs. Pretty much every time I see her do that, I record a video of it and send it to my fiancée, Lux, because she loves it as much as I do.


Do you have any advice to share with pet owners looking to enhance the health and wellness of their pets?

Of course, it’s important to let your pets know that they’re loved and cared for, but I think the advice most pet owners would benefit from is to avoid over-feeding them. It’s easy to think that giving your pet treats is the best way to show them love, but you can do real harm by over-feeding them.

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