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Exploring Western Canada

Your Outdoor Adventure Checklist: Tent, Cooler, and Respect for Nature

woman setting on wooden ledge looking at mountains
woman setting on wooden ledge looking at mountains

Outdoor product company Coleman encourages and helps Canadians to get outside for exploration and travel, while also being respectful of the environment.

What better place is there to explore the great outdoors and the wonders of nature than right here in Canada? This beautiful country of ours is a natural wonderland, renowned globally for its two million lakes, the world’s longest coastline, 40 national parks, and countless jaw-dropping views and vistas.

With its abundant wildlife and wild, untouched nature, Canada is an oasis for adventurers, explorers, campers, road trippers, travellers, and outdoor sport and activity enthusiasts. However, we must keep protecting our environment top of mind as we enjoy it.


Nurtured by nature

Studies have proven time and time again the benefits of spending time in nature, from higher levels of concentration, creativity, and mental clarity to reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety, lowered blood pressure and cortisol, and reduced feelings of irritability and loneliness. Fortunately, as Canadians, we have countless opportunities to get outside and to reap the many benefits of nature on our health and well-being. Even if you live in a major city, answering the call for the outdoors is usually highly accessible, with national and provincial parks nestled in and around Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, and other major Canadian cities.

Whether it’s exploring your neighbourhood park on foot, biking through the nearest national park, enjoying a weekend camping getaway, or venturing further afoot to explore all that Canada has to offer, there are many options to take advantage of Canada’s natural landscapes.

Take only photos, leave only footprints

While time spent in nature is good for the mind, body, and soul, we must remember to be good to nature in return. Outdoor product company Coleman — a favourite brand of outdoor recreation lovers and camping enthusiasts — is a strong advocate of enjoying outdoor travel and adventures in a way that’s environmentally conscious and responsible. While supporting outdoor adventurers with equipment for their next activity or expedition, the company also focuses consistently on protecting nature.

Coleman’s brand stewardship for leaving natural spaces the way you found them is a testament to the company’s environmental leadership and sense of social responsibility. Committing to sustainable travel protects our precious environment while also protecting outdoor adventurers.

Getting equipped for your next adventure

After respecting the environment and understanding how to enjoy nature responsibly, the next most important essential for a safe and fun time outdoors is having the right equipment. Coleman equips outdoor adventurers and campers with all the essentials they need, including tents, coolers, propane stoves and griddles, backpacks, sleeping bags, camp chairs, rechargeable flashlights and lanterns, and much more. Coleman Canada’s website is an excellent resource to visit and check out the many outdoor product solutions for your next outdoor activity.
Make sure to plan ahead as many of our beautiful national and provincial parks require reservations in advance or have limited capacity for day use — so get prepared beforehand to ensure a fun and successful trip. The outside is calling — answer it.

Get Equipped

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