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True North Living » Cause » Drinking in the Raw Vibrancy of Life with a Plant-Based Diet
Jim Richards

Jim Richards

CEO, Milkadamia

2021 has been so intense that it’s easy to forget how exciting and enjoyable life can be when we step away from routine. Mental invigoration is why great gusts of exuberance buffet new converts to plant-based diets. They don’t intend to be evangelical but discovering 20,000 species of edible plants when 90 percent of the Western diet uses only 20 species opens up a buoyant new world of possibility. One such example is milkadamia — milk from macadamia nuts, who knew?

Plant-based diets are as adventurous as they are healthy, and the challenge, interest, and enticements are as crucial to wellness as food. Vegetarians, vegans, and meat reducers approach meals with heads chock full of intoxicating new scenarios to try.

Wellness’ eco echo

Plant-based diets extend the concept of wellness beyond personal nutrition to encompass the wellness of the planet. As we now know, humanity became so aglow with the dazzling promise of our technological advances that we became blind to our peril. Consequently, a wet blanket of eco calamity-contemplation is dampening our enjoyment of life.


Jaws, minds, and fists everywhere are clenching ever tighter. However, solutions arise when we rest our minds gently against a problem, allowing ingenuity the space to blossom and unleashing humankind’s superpower of creative idiosyncratic whimsy on an issue.

There may be a lot to mend, but nothing ever stays as it is once in the hands of creative souls, like you, who purpose to elevate and alter. Good food that’s regeneratively grown is vital to our well-being, but to gain the full enjoyment of living, add a generous dollop of humility, wonder, and hope.

Plant foods are good and plentiful, but belly laughter remains the best medicine — and it’s in such short supply. Let’s laugh more in 2022.

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