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Instead of using fillers and preservatives, Harlow Blend nourishes dogs and cats with fresh and dehydrated meats, fruits, and vegetables.

In 1993, Debbie Pelczynski, set out with an idea to improve pet nutrition. “I believe ingredients play a crucial role in our pets’ overall health and wellbeing, and I wanted to create a food that was clean, basically something that I could eat,” says the owner and founder of Harlow-Blend, a family-owned Canadian holistic pet food company in Mississauga, Ontario.

The pet food manufactures she spoke with in the beginning told her it couldn’t be done. “I kept asking why and was finally told it was too expensive,” she says. “That’s when I realized it was about profits, but my passion is the health and longevity of our pets, not the bottom line,” says Pelczynski. In 1993, she launched her first brand, Holistic Blend, following soon after with My Healthy Pet.

Fast forward to 2021 and words like holistic, natural, or human grade ingredients appear conspicuously on pet food labels. “It’s gratifying to see mainstream has been paying attention and creating better food for our pets,” says Pelczynski, who is now introducing her latest brand, Harlow Blend.

Supporting Project Autism and ElderDog Canada

As a pet owner and animal lover, Pelczynski extends her pet care mandate to the community partnerships she sponsors, such as Project Autism. “Harlow Blend provides food for the dogs associated with the program,” she says.

Another partnership is ElderDog Canada, a national, community-based non-profit dedicated to older people and older dogs. As ElderDog Canada’s Pet Food brand Sponsor representative, Harlow Blend donates one dollar for every bag sold of the All Life Stages Chicken, Rice & Vegetable dog formula to the organization.

ElderDog Canada services include rehoming dogs whose owners have passed away, helping dogs with care needs that can no longer be adequately provided by their guardian, and providing services to the dog’s elderly human companion so that the two can stay together. “It’s an incredible organization that just warms my heart,” says Pelczynski. “It’s run entirely by volunteers and everything is paid for through donations, including vet care,” she says. To further help out, Harlow Blend offers seniors a 25% discount on 8-pound bags of chicken, rice and vegetable dog food.

Harlow Blend Formulas Have All-Natural Ingredients

Available at pet food stores, health food stores and online, Harlow Blend products start with real meat, whole fruits, whole vegetables, and enhanced vitamins and minerals. All ingredients are of Canadian, USA, or New Zealand origin and made with only the freshest ingredients.
Harlow Blend All Life Stages Premium and Grain Free line include unique formulations like Lamb & Rice for dogs with sensitivities, Chicken & Salmon for cats who are prone to crystals, or a Grain Free Turkey Fusion made without peas.

Dog and cat

All Life Stages is about one formula to address a pet’s nutritional needs at all ages and stages. You simply adapt the quantity of food and feeding schedule to your pet’s individual needs. “Growing and active pets need more food, and seniors need less, just like us,” says Pelczynski. “It’s as simple as that,” she says.

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