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Moving North Might Be the Answer

Child and dog walking over a log
Child and dog walking over a log

Bradley Homes has been providing affordable new homes north of the GTA for years. Most people know of someone who has left the city to buy a more affordable home and enjoy a great lifestyle north of Toronto. Lynn McNaughton, a sales associate for Bradley Homes in Orillia, sheds light on interesting details that would shock first-time buyers.

As McNaughton explains, “Most of the new homeowners I come across are shocked they can buy an affordable townhome with no monthly fee, in a nice neighbourhood!” She is quick to point out that there are many reasons to look north—the price point is great, as is the improved quality of life. “You just don’t hear customers saying they like living here. They love it.”

Homes are increasingly affordable north of Toronto, and though moving outside of the city is not a new idea, homeowners still have questions about the real costs of homes in areas like Barrie and Orillia, and how easy it might be to sell them in the future. For McNaughton, the answer is simple. “Bradley Homes has one of the lowest deposit structures in Canada. Homeowners pay $10,000 when they sign, and $15,000 approximately eight months before closing.”

The area where Bradley Homes is building in Orillia is called West Ridge. This newer area is just off Highway 11 and features many conveniences within walking distance including hiking and biking trails, and a university. The property values in West Ridge and other areas  north of the city are holding and, in fact, are getting higher.  “Customers tell me that when they lived in Toronto, it took the same time to get to work— the difference is they were stuck in gridlock traffic, moving at a snail’s pace,” McNaughton explains.

Bradley Homes caters to first-time buyers and those interested in making a good investment for their family. Unheard of in the industry, their homes have no hidden costs— the purchase price includes all taxes, tree fees, hydro hook-ups, Tarion Fees, Upper Canada Law Society fees, water and gas meter installation fees, education and development charges, lot levies, and more. Most homeowners are pleasantly surprised to find a builder so transparent in their pricing but for Bradley Homes, it’s a natural first step to home ownership.

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