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Keeping pets safe and healthy is a top priority for all pet owners. This summer, many of the 5.9 million dogs across Canada will join their owners on walks, hikes, visits to the park, and road trips to beaches and cottages. Unfortunately, if left unprotected, our furry friends are put at greater risk of being bitten by pests such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other biting flies and insects.

It’s important to prevent bites as they can lead to serious problems for not only your pet, but sometimes even the rest of your family. For example, Lyme disease is a condition that both dogs and people can develop after being bitten by an infected tick. A Lyme-carrying tick can not only bite your dog, it can also “hitchhike” into the house on your dog’s body before it feeds, which gives it the chance to climb onto and bite a human, thereby transmitting the disease. The key to stopping these types of vector-borne diseases is being able to eliminate pests before they even have a chance to bite.

Stopping the bugs before they bite

Vectra® 3D is an effective topical parasiticide newly launched in Canada. It has a proven record of safety and efficacy in countries worldwide, including the U.S., where it’s been available for many years. Dog owners can use the advanced pipette to apply the product easily by squeezing the contents of the tube directly onto their dog’s skin without irritation. It stops bug bites before they even happen.

Vectra® 3D works by contact, doesn’t enter a dog’s bloodstream, and provides protection quickly. It will stop a flea from feeding within five minutes and impedes the development of immature flea life so they can’t hatch into adult fleas that can harm your dog or infest your home.

The key to stopping these types of vector-borne diseases is being able to eliminate pests before they even have a chance to bite.

Long-lasting protection that’s safe and easy

Once Vectra® 3D has been applied, its fact-acting properties mean ticks and fleas that land on your dog are met with an unpleasant surprise. They’re repelled thanks to a “hot foot effect,” then knocked down and killed. The active ingredients also tackle mosquitoes and other types of biting flies, like stable flies, as well as certain types of mites and lice. A single application provides a full month of protection and is water-resistant, making it a great option for dogs that love to swim or need frequent baths.

For dog owners, Vectra® 3D offers peace of mind. You can spend time outdoors with your dog and feel good about taking steps to protect its health and that of other family members as well.

Vectra® 3D is available exclusively through licensed veterinarians. Vectra® 3D is for use on dogs only. Do not use Vectra® 3D on cats.

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