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True North Living » Live » Q&A with Brooklynne Webb: Confidence Starts with Being Unapologetically You
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Q&A with Brooklynne Webb: Confidence Starts with Being Unapologetically You

brooklynne webb
brooklynne webb

Canadian social media star, Brooklynne Webb is on a mission to help everyone feel confident in who they are. The 17- year-old uses her platform to promote self-confidence and help teens love themselves. Mediaplanet spoke with Brooklynne about how important body confidence is and the role social media plays.

With the rise of social media, how do you think body image standards have changed?

The rise in social media has fueled everyone’s insecurities. Most people only put their absolute best self online which already creates an unrealistic standard. On top of that, it’s so easy to photoshop an image and make it nothing close to reality. Everyone feels like they have to live up to these perfect standards not only online but in our day-to-day lives.

As a teenager, do you find that body image has a profound impact on your well-being?

How I feel about my body image honestly changes from day to day. Sometimes, I feel like I am beautiful and really happy in my own skin! Other days, it’s just as simple as looking in the mirror and not liking what I see. It can be simple things like clothes not fitting as they did on the model. Overall, it definitely has an impact on my well-being.

You use your platform as a space to promote healthy body image standards. Is this something you’ve always been passionate about?

Even though it’s something I have always struggled with, it’s definitely something I’ve always been passionate about. I remember making posts back in 2016 expressing how loving and taking care of yourself is super important! If my 2016 self could see me now she would be so proud.

What is one thing you want all teens struggling with body image or confidence to know?

I wish that all teens knew that beauty is truly only skin deep. It’s the person you are on the inside that really matters — as cheesy as it sounds. The reason why I am so confident is that I know exactly who I am on the inside. You are truly beautiful, and I hope you are taking care of yourself.

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