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True North Living » Live » How a Better Bedtime Routine Can Help Your Sleep

Sleep is one of the most essential elements to a healthy lifestyle. Sleep quantity and quality are both key for optimal restoration, and for you to feel your best during the day. One of the best ways to get a great night’s sleep is to have a bedtime routine.

Here are four tips to get to bed that make falling — and staying — asleep easier.

1. Unplug for optimal sleep

Try easing up on electronic-device use as you get closer to bedtime. Our phones, computers, and televisions all emit blue light that can prolong how long we’re awake and potentially disrupt our sleep. Plus, endlessly scrolling Instagram or falling asleep to re-runs of your favourite TV show can keep you engaged and awake for longer, taking away from precious sleep time. Turn off the television, keep the lights low, and try leaving your electronic devices outside the bedroom.

2. Set a bedtime and stick to it

If you’re going to get consistent sleep, you need to go to bed and wake up at consistent times. It’s been proven that reliable sleep patterns help maintain a healthy circadian rhythm, which in turn promotes better sleep quality. Now that you’ve cut your screen time before bed, you’ll need an alarm clock. Find one that has sleep-friendly features like sound baths or meditations — or try a smart light to create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing night.

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3. Revamp your bedtime beauty routine

Consider your skin — our skin cells regenerate while we’re sleeping, which is why a consistent bedtime skincare routine is so important. Gentle exfoliants are great for retexturizing and brightening your skin while you sleep, and a rich, nourishing moisturizer will ensure you wake up glowing. Also, don’t forget about your teeth — your oral care routine should also spark joy. With a patented dreamtube technology that helps you squeeze out every drop, the new Colgate Elixir toothpaste is a dreamy addition to your bedtime routine. Plus, you can sleep easy knowing that Colgate Elixir’s chic tube and cap are recyclable.*

4. Unwind from a long day

Creating a relaxing nighttime ritual is a great start to getting quality sleep. Foam-rolling exercises and a hot bath can help relax your muscles, and the feeling of scrubbed-down skin against clean bedsheets is truly unbeatable. Put away the screens, and instead opt for activities like meditation, journaling, or listening to music. Adding things like aromatherapy and candles, with comforting scents like lavender or chamomile, is a soothing way to help you settle into bed for a restful night.

*Recycle tube with the cap on.

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