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Your Summer Bucket List

Embrace Sustainable Travel This Summer by Visiting Ontario’s Highlands

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Find out why travelling sustainably is a must this summer, and why Ontario’s Highlands should be your next travel destination.

If there’s a hot topic in tourism these days, it’s sustainability. The pandemic taught us to cherish the treasures found right in our backyards, and today’s travellers are less into extravagant jet-setting and more into treading lightly on the earth.

Given the wealth of wild and remote locations in Ontario’s Highlands, it’s a prime destination for those who are conscious of their travel impact. The key is to conserve what’s here so we can all continue to enjoy the vast stretches of untouched forest, plentiful lakes, and diversity of flora and fauna for generations to come.

Come wander sustainably

Responsible tourism is an approach to tourism that focuses on supporting and growing the community and culture while protecting the environment and its ecosystems. It means travel-planning from a new perspective and consciously seeking out experience providers who care about how they impact their community and environment.

In ecologically diverse regions like Ontario’s Highlands, a focus on responsible tourism is even more important.

“In Ontario’s Highlands, we need to be mindful of tourism’s impacts and ensure we don’t ruin the very attractions that support the experiences we enjoy,” says Kasey Rogerson, Director of Industry Development for Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization.

Diversity, pristine wilderness, and community

Ontario’s Highlands’ remote spaces, biological diversity, and collection of small, vibrant communities make it a coveted travel destination for hikers, paddlers, cyclists, cottage-goers, fishers, and small-town lovers. The region attracts intrepid adventurers as well as those looking to its endless forests for a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“For those who love to wander, there’s nothing more enticing than the prospect of an untouched beach, a sleepy small town, or a lush forest silent but for the sound of bird calls,” says Rogerson. “It’s what makes Ontario’s Highlands so unique and ideal for sustainable travel.”

Build your own (sustainable) adventure

For those looking to explore their sense of adventure and to embrace the stillness and wonder of nature and rural life, Ontario’s Highlands’ website,, is a treasure trove for planning getaways and one-of-a-kind experiences in the region.

From the adrenalin-spiking experiences of epic whitewater paddling to sedate and introspective rambles through the same terrain that inspired the Group of Seven, has everything you need to plan an amazing adventure here, and from a sustainable perspective.

“At, visitors can look for stories that touch on the uniqueness of the region while also celebrating its diversity, with reminders and information on how to tread lightly during your visit,” says Rogerson.

Rogerson suggests seeking out accommodations or experiences that embrace an eco-friendly and inclusive offering. “Our website makes it easy to do this by identifying the experiences and destinations in Ontario’s Highlands that are literally walking the walk of sustainability, so we can support them,” she says.

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