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What’s the Scoop? See What Kawartha Dairy Has in Store 

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Along with launching three new ice cream flavours, Ontario’s beloved Kawartha Dairy is also opening three new stores. 

Kawartha Dairy’s products have become synonymous with a well-spent summer in Ontario’s cottage country. The company has proudly been a part of this community since 1937, and all Kawartha Dairy products are still made in the small cottage country town of Bobcaygeon. As the company grows, its products maintain an unparalleled level of freshness — because they’re still made the traditional way.


Made with fresh milk and cream from local dairy farmers, Kawartha Dairy’s ice cream and milk are made in about a day from the farm. The high-quality ingredients and products truly do get passed from the hands of farmers, through the family-run business, and straight to consumers so quickly that you can taste the difference.

Plus, Kawartha Dairy is about to open three new stores, bringing its top-notch dairy products even closer to home. 

3 New Stores coming in 2024: 

  1. Burlington – 3465 Fairview St. opening Spring 2024
  2. Cobourg – 985 Elgin St. West opening Summer 2024
  3. Danforth – 888 Danforth Ave. Toronto opening Summer 2024

Launching the Burlington location

The newest Kawartha Dairy retail store will be opening this spring in Burlon Centre, 3465 Fairview Street in Burlington. There, customers will get to choose from over 45 flavours of premium ice cream that can be enjoyed in a cup, cone, or custom-made milkshake. The company’s other dairy products will also be available for purchase, including milk, butter, and cream, along with other locally sourced quality goods. Just like Kawartha Dairy’s other stores, this location will also offer ice cream cakes that can be customized upon request and custom hand packs of any flavour. 

From the moment a customer enters one of its stores, the Kawartha Dairy team wants them to feel like part of their family.

“My grandparents, Jack and Ila Crowe, started Kawartha Dairy in 1937,” says Mike Crowe, Kawartha Dairy’s Director of Product Development and third-generation owner. “We look forward to becoming part of the Burlington community and making more great family memories as we welcome old and new friends to our new store this spring.” Crowe emphasizes that even as the company continues to expand, it remains committed to supplying fresh, premium products across all its stores.

Bringing summer to you

From the moment a customer enters one of its stores, the Kawartha Dairy team wants them to feel like part of their family. From knowing and greeting customers by name, to treating everyone like a neighbour from down the street, the company is dedicated to a high level of customer service. Their wide range of dairy products is available at their stores across the province including Bobcaygeon, Minden, Huntsville, Barrie, Peterborough, and Newmarket. 

In addition to its own stores, Kawartha Dairy has brought the taste of cottage country to customers across Ontario in major grocery stores like Loblaws, Metro, Foodland, FreshCo, Longo’s, Sobeys, local independents, and partner scoop shops. 

And there are three brand new flavours to order this spring! Try the rich and creamy coffee swirls in Dockside Cappuccino. For a more refreshing taste, Grape will satisfy any craving. And bringing together coconut and dark chocolate in a smooth combination, Nanaimo Bar is guaranteed to become a classic favourite.

Come check out the new Burlington location — opening soon — to try the newest flavours or try them at a scoop shop near you and make Kawartha Dairy part of your summer memories. 

Did you know Kawartha Dairy has been family-run since its inception in 1937? It’s proud to be a 100% Canadian company.
Did you know Kawartha Dairy has 10 stores across the province, plus three new stores opening in Burlington, Cobourg & Danforth? 
Its products are also available in major grocery stores, local independents, and partner scoop shops.
Ever wondered why its chocolate milk is extra creamy? It’s made with 2% milk!
Did you know all Kawartha Dairy ice cream is still made in Bobcaygeon, Ont.? 
The company sources its fresh milk and cream right from local dairy farmers, most of whom are located less than 100 kilometres away. 
Did you know that back in the day, Kawartha Dairy used ice cut from nearby lakes to keep its products cold?
Did you know there are over 45 flavours to choose from? 
Why not try them all?
Did you know Kawartha Dairy has 3 new flavours? 
Savour the rich and creamy coffee swirls in Dockside Cappuccino, the refreshing taste of Grape, and the West Coast-inspired smooth creamy dark chocolate and coconut-custard Nanaimo Bar!

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