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Your Summer Bucket List

Explore Canada this Summer! Boots, Paddles and Saddles

The Outdoor Council of Canada (OCC) is committed to making the outdoors accessible to all Canadians through outdoor leadership training.

Why Go? The Value of Time Spent Outdoors

The Outdoor Council of Canada (OCC) serves as the umbrella organization for the Canadian outdoor sector. The OCC addresses structural barriers hindering the ability of outdoor programs to reach their full impact. Outdoor activities can strengthen the people-nature connection, promote physical well-being, reinforce healthy living habits, and support community ties and sustainable economic growth.

Here at the OCC we envision a Canada where everyone is given the opportunity to experience a deep connection with nature, discover a love for learning and be active for life.

Before you Go. Outdoor Leadership Certification and Training

The Field Leader Program, the OCC’s signature outdoor leadership program, is a series of courses designed to prepare our graduates to plan and prepare their experiences in nature while looking after themselves, others, and the natural environment. The OCC firmly believes that learning to be a competent participant and/or effective outdoor leader requires direct experience and immersion in the outdoors. Therefore, each of our courses includes a significant amount of time spent in the field. Our courses provide training in foundational outdoor leadership skills and range in scope from 8-20 hours of instruction.

Participants begin their OCC leadership journey by taking one of the three foundational courses; Field Leader Hiking, Paddling, or Equine.  Participants will be introduced to the OCC’s philosophy of Participant-Centered Leadership and Intentional Programming where the needs, interests and abilities of the participants guide the planning. The Event Cycle, which is also presented, is a structured series of steps to design, deliver and align the outdoor experience with the organization’s priorities and purpose.  Other course topics include identifying hazards and managing risks; dealing with unexpected situations; group management; situational awareness; and environmental responsibility.

The Field Leader Winter and Field Leader Overnight courses extend a Field Leader Hiking, Paddling or Equine leader’s certification to include all four seasons and/or multi-day trips.

Our two training (non-certification) courses, Get Outside Maps and Get Outside Compass, provide a comprehensive introduction to navigation. These technical skill courses focus on using maps and compass for practical use in the backcountry. Thosewho already have extensive outdoor leadership experience can apply directly to take our Instructor course. Successful graduates will receive at least one OCC instructor license and may be licensed to teach additional Field Leader courses.

To learn more about The Outdoor Council of Canada visit us at or to inquire about our Field Leader courses please email [email protected]

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