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The idea of having an indoor doggy bathroom is nothing new.  Anyone who has an aging dog, a dog that needs to pee frequently, or a dog that’s left at home for long knows what kind of a floor saver pee pads can be. But if your dog has a poor aim, the pee pad can soon turn into a smelly and unsightly mess. 

Enter the new, Doggy Bathroom!

Alain and Sterling
Alain Courchesne & Sterling

The Doggy Bathroom was designed by Alain Courchesne, a Montreal-based interior designer after he adopted Sterling, an 11-week-old Italian Greyhound puppy. Sterling was already trained to squat and use a pee pad, but as he grew into a full-fledged leg lifter, he started having trouble. Some of the pee would hit the pad while the rest ran over the floor. Poor Sterling felt bad about the trouble he caused his dad, and it didn’t help that he would also occasionally refuse to do his business outdoors when it was cold.   

Sterling’s dad looked online to see if there was some kind of other doggy potty solution that exists but found none. So, he designed one himself.  After a few prototype attempts, he came up with the vertical pee pad holder and Sterling was its first user. “He went right in, lifted his leg, and it all worked out,” says Courchesne.

 The Doggy Bathroom is made from anti-bacterial plastic, uses biodegradable pee pads, and blends in with any décor — letting your best friend eliminate in privacy.  

It’s ideal for any small or toy dog breeds currently using pee pads including puppies, dogs recently recovered from surgery, male, female and senior dogs.

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