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Q&A with Canadian Thrift Influencer & Fashion Icon Lexson Millington

Lexson Millington breaks down how you can curate your own unique style through thrifting!

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How long have you been thrifting? What sparked your interest in it?

I started thrifting when I moved to downtown Toronto In 2017. There was an art collective called blank canvas around that time and my roommate/ best friend Liam invited me to a party they were throwing. I was introduced to many talented creators from all art forms and that’s when I found out that thrifting was a big part of our community. Days after that event, Liam and I went to some of the recommended thrift spots in Kensington market and then from there our thrifting journey began. 

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How has thrifting impacted your personal style?

Thrifting has really opened up my eyes to expressing myself through clothes. I didn’t have the budget to buy the designer clothes that were trending. However, not only was thrifting a more affordable alternative, I find that there’s so much variety in styles that you have access too. I fell in love with the idea of never knowing what you’ll find next time. Slowly I was able step out my comfort zone, trying new styles and silhouettes. Later I learned that the women’s section was the way to go for wide leg flares and jackets. Thrifting has really made me more confident In the way I dress. 

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If you could give one piece of advice to someone starting their journey into thrift, what would it be? 

The greatest advice I could give to a new thrifter is to step outside your comfort zone and work on your personal style. Go into the store with an idea of styles you’ve always wanted to emulate and look for pieces that call out to you. This is what helped me express myself more without having to say anything. There’s so many options offered at thrift stores so have fun and explore!

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After blowing up on TikTok, what do you want to use your platform to do?

The goal has always been about inspiring others to express more of themselves through clothing. Another goal I have is to create a space ( just like blank canvas did for my community back then ) for other creators to thrive and bloom. 

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