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Make the Most of Every Adventure with The Planet D Travel Guide

dev and deb planet d snow capped mountains helicopter
dev and deb planet d snow capped mountains helicopter

Maximize your next trip with travel tips from Dave and Deb, founders of the award-winning travel blog The Planet D.

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How do you feel the leisure industry has changed or evolved post-pandemic?

We’ve noticed that people are more excited to travel than ever. I think people took the freedom to travel for granted pre-pandemic, and after two years of lockdown, people are ready to explore again. However, I believe people are being more mindful. They’re booking travels in smaller groups and choosing bucket list destinations. People are willing to spend a bit more on dream trips and higher-end experiences to ensure they’re safe and secure.

The pandemic put a spotlight on the effects of over-tourism, and destinations are now more aware of limiting numbers at tourist attractions. Most places require reservations and pre-booking so travellers need to plan more instead of just showing up.

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What do you think today’s traveller is looking for, and how can loyalty and rewards programs suit that?

Travellers are looking for more meaningful travel experiences, luxury travel, and comfort and safety. That makes travel more expensive, and loyalty and rewards programs can help with that.

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How do you typically find food, activity, and accommodation recommendations?

When it comes to finding food during our travels, we tend to go for a walk and look for places that are filled with locals. If a restaurant is packed with tourists, we tend to avoid it, but if it’s filled with local residents, we know it is good authentic food at a good price, and since it’s busy, the food will be fresh.

When it comes to accommodation recommendations, we search travel blogs that we know and trust. We usually search for the neighbourhood that we want to stay in. Are we looking for downtown accommodation or near the airport? We then check for breakdowns of what people recommend are the best areas in a city.

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For Canadians planning a staycation this winter, do you have any tips for sparking hometown excitement?

Staycations can be so much fun! Look for a cute Bed and Breakfast or funky hotel in your area and plan for a few nights in a nearby hotel. Then, start thinking outside the box for activities. What is something you’ve never tried before? Are there snowshoeing or cross-country ski trails nearby? Have you always wanted a spa day? You can have an amazing staycation without breaking the bank. Plus, you can put the money you save on flights toward a bucket list experience near your home. People often book bucket list adventures like a helicopter tour while on vacation, but why can’t you take a flight over the Rocky Mountains or Niagara Falls? This could be your time to splurge on a luxury item since you aren’t spending money on an international flight.

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