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Exploring Canada

Discover Canada: Enjoy Purposeful Travel with the Canadian Conservation Corps

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The Canadian Conservation Corps offers a life-changing experience that includes relevant social-emotional education, adventure training, skills development, and more.

The 18-to-30 age group is an important one for the future of Canada. Many of these individuals are struggling with university costs, living expenses, and the prospect of making big life decisions. The Canadian Conservation Corps (CCC) program offers this group an amazing opportunity: a chance to connect with like-minded peers across the country, deliver meaningful service, and recognize the value of that service as it relates to conservation, their community, and the needs and impact of their efforts in other provinces. 

Developed by the Canadian Wildlife Federation and fully funded by the Government of Canada through its Canada Service Corps initiative, the CCC is a life-changing experience that includes relevant social-emotional education, adventure training related to each journey, first aid, skills development, and team building. 

Here are examples of the impact the CCC experience has had on the lives of recent participants

Sonia Dharni, 27, Brampton, Ont.

My journey featured a 14-day sea-kayaking expedition along British Columbia’s Pacific coast, departing from Tofino in Clayoquot Sound. Being able to travel through the CCC and experience the vast amount of biodiversity across Canada has made me realize one thing: we need to act now to help the future of our planet and the species of wildlife that inhabit it. Engaging in conservation service activities through the program not only fostered my personal relationship with nature but also helped spark curiosity in individuals in my community to step up, learn, and consider ways they could also contribute to improving the nature around them. By sharing my personal experiences and newfound connection with the natural world, I was able to showcase the value of providing service and encourage others to do more for wildlife! 

Paul Emerson Almontero, 27, Calgary, Alta.

Through the CCC program, I was able to travel multiple time zones away from Calgary, Alta., to Gander, Nfld., for my first visit to Atlantic Canada. Our CCC cohort spent two weeks kayaking in the Bay of Exploits and conducting a citizen science project called “Bioacoustics — Bird Survey Data Collection through Recording” in partnership with Birds Canada for its Newfoundland Breeding Bird Atlas program. It was very special as it was the first time that Birds Canada was able to collect bird recording data in the Bay of Exploits area. It was truly an expedition with a mission. The trip to Newfoundland has made me fall in love with Canada even more. It has motivated me to get further involved in conservation work and to promote a sustainable Canada.  

Eamon Berteotti, 20, Raymond, Alta.

Travelling to Newfoundland and traversing the wilderness there has helped me build a connection with the natural world I live in. This connection has fostered a desire to give back to the wild and green spaces at home in southern Alberta, Canada, and the world. Through the service projects delivered through my field-learning placement, I feel that I’ll be able to fulfill the desire to give back by helping conserve these beautiful wild spaces for the benefit of all.

Caitlin Brant, 26, Niagara Falls, Ont.

Travelling across Canada to fulfill my CCC service opportunities has made me appreciate the value of conserving nature. I’ve seen other parts of the world that have unfortunately lost much of their wild spaces. I developed a project to create pollinator habitats with native plants across Canada in the hopes of preserving and creating new natural spaces, even in more populated areas of the country. Having seen the natural beauty that we’re lucky enough to still have, I felt as though I needed to give back and help keep Canada the most beautiful country.   

Dave DeRocco Headshot

Dave DeRocco

Senior Manager: National Marketing & Events, Canadian Wildlife Federation

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