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Exploring Western Canada

Q&A with Justin Chatwin

Photo Credit: Cory Tran
Justin Chatwin

Justin Chatwin

Canadian Actor

Mediaplanet sat down with Canadian actor Justin Chatwin to discuss how growing up in Western Canada sparked his desire for outdoor exploration. From salmon fishing to mountain biking — experience Western Canada like a local. Check out some of Justin’s favorite spots on your next trip.

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What are some of your favourite destinations within Western Canada?

Probably back where I grew up on Vancouver Island, specifically the West Coast.  Places like Kyuquot, Winter Harbour, Tahsis, and Bamfield.

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How did growing up in British Columbia influence, your love for outdoor adventure?

My first memory was watching my dad freediving for Dungeness crab and placing it in a bucket in front of me where I was sitting in a floating yellow raft. My second memory was of our boat blowing up in Desolation Sound off of Lund and getting being by the Coast Guard.   

My dad was a civil engineer for many of the First Nations tribes on Vancouver Island so we spent a lot of time traveling by land or sea to really remote parts of the island.  We circumnavigated Vancouver Island once living out of a 20-foot boat in 10 days. I think I was about 10 years old. So, my dads work trips became fishing trips, and these fishing trips began my life long romance with the wilderness.

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Can you name a few of your favourite summer activities to do in Western Canada?

I grew up in the 90s snowboard culture. When it wasn’t winter we were trucking in Zamboni snow from the arenas to the local schools to practice our rail slides that were usually doused with gasoline and lit on fire.   

When we couldn’t find snow we would take my buddy mom’s Toyota Tercel and drive as far as we could down the logging roads and hike with our snowboards till we found the last remaining snow on the summer glaciers. Often a 20-meter patch would satisfy us.  

Although I still do a lot of salmon fishing, currently my favourite summer activities include kitesurfing in Nitinat, dirtbiking and mountain biking north shore and central Vancouver Island.

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What’s your favourite way to experience Western Canada?

By boat or camper.

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