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True North Living » Travel » Sip and Savour Ontario This Summer

Ontario is a big place. We span over one million square kilometres, and lately it seems that something delicious is brewing every way you look.

Get out there and explore the province. The changing seasons, creative farmers, and hard-working artisans that make Ontario’s taste of place unique can be seen in fields, at markets, and on tables. These can be experienced equally on dazzling plates crafted by creative chefs or paper plates piled high with saucy sandwiches served at picnic tables.

It’s about experiential travel, using taste as a way to make memories and understand a region.

Culinary tourism isn’t necessarily about fine wines, crisp linens, and silverware — although we have no shortage of those experi-ences in the province. It’s about experiential travel, using taste as a way to make memories and understand a region. It includes any tourism experience in which a person learns about, appreci-ates, consumes or, dare we say, indulges in food and drink that reflects the local cuisine, heritage, or culture of a place.

It all boils down to this: every traveler and local alike has one thing in common; they eat at least three times a day. Folks across Ontario are starting to catch on to this revolutionary concept and every week are dishing out more local edibles and experiences. What’s the best way to take advantage of this feast of local flavours? 

Plums and tomatoes

Find your inner foodie

Take an edible walking tour in Elora or Kingston. Sip ciders in Caledon or Prince Edward County. Tuck into local tacos in Kitchener or feast at a festival in Ottawa. Every region and season in this vast province has its own unique taste and more are cropping up every day. 

Local farmers are joining forces with chefs and winemakers; artisans are hitting the streets with distillers and growers. Together they all are creating new and authentically Ontario experiences. There are weekend long festivals dedicated to garlic; entire weeks dedicated to craft beer; and months to sticky, sweet maple. The people of this province are celebrating our food and drink like never before.

It’s the perfect time to get out and experience all the wonders Ontario has to offer.

This edible province is just waiting to be discovered.

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