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Take in a True Awe-Inspiring Canadian Experience this Winter

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An unforgettable winter adventure awaits you in this unspoiled wilderness wonderland located in northeastern British Columbia.

For Canadians seeking solitude, wide open spaces, and plenty of invigorating activities, Fort Nelson and the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) is the perfect winter escape. 

This area in northeast British Columbia is under the spell of an iconic Canadian winter from late November through to the end of March. Despite the sometimes-frigid temperatures, locals have learned to embrace this time of year and invite other Canadians to join them.


Overnight snowfall is often followed by blue-bird days leaving the landscape crystallized and glistening under the golden light of a warm, sun and spectacular natural beauty.

While you won’t find any fancy resorts here, you won’t have line-ups and crowds to contend with either. The area offers a cozy small town feel within a snowscape paradise of frosted trees and a pristine, scenic environment.

Located at the 58th parallel, this northern marvel lies directly beneath the “Aurora Oval” and the pathway of the Northern Lights, where you can see some of the most awe-inspiring night sky displays.

This Arctic dreamland is a polar playground for those with an adventurous spirit, offering an array of activities not found elsewhere in today’s ever-expanding world. It’s as ideal for the ecotourist or winter hiker hoping to catch some glimpses of wildlife as it is for winter sports enthusiasts wanting to do some skating, skiing, ice fishing, or snowshoeing. There are also cafes, museums, and galleries for unwinding, socializing, and taking in a bit of local culture.

Top Five Activities to Enjoy

To feed your adventurous spirit, here’s a list of the top five winter activities you can enjoy at NRRM from November through March.

Chase the Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern Lights, as they whip and dance overhead in a spectacular light show, is a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience. Thanks to the area’s remote location, where there is minimal to no light pollution, you can enjoy an unobstructed viewing opportunity. You might also consider attending the annual Northern Lights Festival typically held in March.

Snowshoe or Ice Hike

With snowshoes or winter cleats attached to your hikers you can explore a variety of winter wonderland landscapes from lakes lined with black-spruce or towering mountains to frozen streams tucked in-between canyon walls.

Stride through towering aspen at the Demonstration Forest

The Fort Nelson Demonstration Forest is a popular destination for cross-country skiing. As you glide through the crisp and serene boreal forest, you’ll see why so many locals love it. Take advantage of the community fire pit while you are there.

Go out searching for wildlife

Take a drive along the Alaska Highway in the NRRM and you’re likely to encounter moments that will take your breath away. See wild moose, caribou, elk, wood bison, Canadian lynx, and wolves in their natural habitat. 

Take a road trip to the Liard River Hot Springs

One of Canada’s  largest natural hot springs and only Boreal Forest Hot Spring is best enjoyed during the quiet of winter, and the drive up is filled with opportunity for adventure and wonder. Do it in a day trip or spend the night at a lodge along the way. 

Safety First

Winter travel offers some of the most spectacular sceneries with little to no other travelers to compete with but it also offers different challenges at times. Be prepared for safe winter travels to ensure your trip leaves you with lasting memories with all your toes intact. 

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