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Rving for All: Unleash Your Inner Explorer

For getaways in the great outdoors, you can’t beat the convenience of an RV. Get rolling with Go RVing Canada — your one-stop trip planning resource. 

In today’s wellness-conscious era, there’s no shortage of expertly marketed products and promises for improving one’s health and mental well-being. But before there were rose quartz facial rollers and pricey superfood powders, there was the great outdoors — a time-honoured way to leave the stress of city living behind, rejuvenate your mental state, and stop burnout in its tracks. 


You can always take a day trip to a local park, but there’s an even better way to venture into nature’s playground. For adventurers who still enjoy some of the comforts of home on the road, an RV or recreational vehicle is essentially a sanctuary on wheels. And fortunately for Canadians, there’s a free, one-stop-shop resource for RV enthusiasts — whether they’ve never stepped foot in one before or are seasoned travelers looking for the most up-to-date information. 

Go RVing Canada is committed to helping Canadians explore their country’s vast natural playground, whether they want to see the sights in their own province or travel coast-to-coast. Besides the immense wellness benefits of spending time in nature, planning a group getaway in the great outdoors is an amazing way to connect with family and friends. From affordability guides and RV comparison tools to their comprehensive RV Starter Toolkit, Go RVing Canada ensures that every aspect of RVing is covered.

Once you’re ready to get rolling, use the interactive trip planner and campground finder to help you plan and locate the ideal RV spots. Virtually everything you could need to plan an RV adventure is available on the site — tips, tricks, checklists, recipes, budget planning ideas, and maintenance guides, catering to RV enthusiasts of all experience levels. 

It’s not too late to plan a thrilling summer adventure — with a wealth of vetted resources at your fingertips, you’ll find that RV travel is more accessible and affordable than you think. GO RVing empowers you to design a personalized summer escape that suits your preferences, budget, and timeline. Embrace the freedom of the open road and make the most of the summer season. 

It’s never too late to get rolling with Go RVing. Visit and make the most of this summer.

Starter Toolkit

Start here, no experience required. Learn everything you need to graduate from RV novice to avid adventurer in one convenient toolkit. 


Want to know how to pack for the perfect trip, set up a reliable connection for your work-from-the-road job, keep your beloved family pet comfortable on the road, or even winterize your RV? We’ve got you covered, A to Z.    

Expert advice

Who better to learn from than a seasoned RV specialist? For your more advanced RV questions, we’ve got experts on board. Learn how to save gas money, camp responsibly in Canada’s gorgeous natural landscape, get a cost-effective insurance plan, or fund your adventures with a lucrative side gig.

Trip Planner Tool

Now you’re ready to plan your trip. Tell us where you’ll get rolling and where you want to go, and we’ll take care of the rest. Go RVing’s Trip Planner tool will map out convenient places to park your RV and point out must-see spots in the places you want to explore. 

Rent an RV

First RV trip? Want to hit the road without a major commitment? Renting an RV might be for you. Read our ultimate first timers guide for everything you need to know and learn how to find the best RV for you and your friends or family — furry best friends included. 


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