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The Perfect Treats for Cats Are Here: Catit Creamy Superfoods 

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Delight your feline friend with a tasty, low-calorie treat that supplements their diet with some of nature’s finest power foods.

At Catit, we know that cat parents are always looking for ways to keep their beloved pets healthy. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Catit Creamy Superfoods — an elevated version of our renowned lickable cat treat, now enriched with a variety of nourishing superfoods. Treat your cat to a gourmet delight that’s packed with fresh ingredients and essential nutrients, and turn every meal into a whisker-twitching celebration! Your feline companion deserves the very best, after all.

cat eating catit creamy superfoods

Discover the Catit Creamy Superfoods collection

Each Catit Creamy Superfood variety consists of a hydrating, all-natural, delicious meat paste, topped off with a duo of highly nutritious plant-based ingredients. Your kitty will love every lick of these flavour-packed treats, and you’ll love seeing them get the purr-fect blend of satisfaction and nutrition, ensuring a healthy indulgence.

Succulent chicken paired with hearty kale, rich in vitamins and minerals, and lush, nutritious coconut in support of coat care.
A marvellous combination of tasty lamb and wholesome quinoa, which are dense in protein and fibre, with vitalizing chia seeds.
Healthy salmon matched with green spirulina, boasting powerful antioxidant properties, and quinoa as a source of dietary vitamins and minerals.
Tempting tuna fused with nourishing coconut to support coat health, and healthful wakame, a type of kelp known for its digestive benefits.

Catit Creamy Superfoods aren’t just delightfully natural — they’re also loaded with essential taurine to keep your feline friend at the top of their game. They’re free of corn, wheat, and soy, and don’t contain any by-products, preservatives, additives, or artificial flavours. Packed in convenient single-serve portions, Catit Creamy Superfoods are the perfect treat for cats of all life stages. Your cat will be meowing for more! 

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